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The Baby-G

Casio has been an innovator in the electronics market for well over fifty years. They were amongst the first to offer automatically synchronizing watches with atomic accuracy, extreme durability, and high class with high durability. The number of innovations Casio has made is difficult to pin down, but it seems like every one of them has had lasting effects on the market. One of the most significant such innovations the company has made is in the release of its G-Shock and Baby G lines, related ranges that launched in 1984 and 1991, respectively.

What’s the idea behind Baby G?

To understand the Baby-G line of watches, we first have to talk about the G-Shock line, as the former grew out of the latter.

Put simply, the G-Shock set of watches represents Casio’s successful attempt to blend style with durability. The actual details of the G-Shock line are very much more impressive, though. These were amongst the first watches that combined good looks with the ability to withstand hard falls, direct impacts from rocks, being stepped on, and the rugged demands of military and outdoorsy life. The fact that this consumer line of watches had the same features as those worn by military personnel was a boon for Casio, and definitely stood out in the market.

The Casio Baby-G line is, essentially, the women’s version of the G-Shock watches. They boast similar styling and the same durability, but with more feminine styling and colors.


The Baby-G Lines: Baby-G Black

The Baby-G black collection comprises all of the black-strap Baby-G watches, and each one derives its fashion merit from the way the centerpiece and analog clock is decorated. Some have gold plating, others blue, and some are especially subtle, with a black clock and silver hands. This line is perfect for those who want a rugged but subtle watch to wear when they’re out in the woods, or even just on the go. The Baby-G white line is similar in styling, but its straps are white instead of black.


Baby-G Paper Magazine

Baby-G Paper Magazine is a small line of two watches, one designed by Becca McCharen, the other, by Kate Schelter. As each of these watches is a specialty watch, they’re extremely stylish, and more fashionable than many other Casio Baby-G choices.

The is BG6900-7 an all-white watch with a digital display, perfect for those looking for a fashionable and practical solution. The BGA151-7B, on the other hand, is an all-white analog clock with gold numbers. Between the two, this is the more purely fashionable, but it certainly performs well in terms of pragmatics, as well.

Baby-G Surf Action

The Surf Action line is a group of three watches attached to Erica Hosseini, a California-born surfer. Two of these watches are very similar to one another, one all black and the other all ocean-blue, and both with digital displays and a tide graph to help users track the waves. The third is all white, with analogue display and oversized numbers. All of these watches are water and shock resistant, making them perfect choices for anyone frequently in the water.