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My Story of Life

It depends on the ways we happened to be brought up and I am pretty sure each of us posess our supposed 'best job' and while few just fancy the type of comfy and glamorous office roles perched behind the table, this is just not my kind. Earlier to this, I was disillusioned into believing that office job was the way to go. I still remember vividly how each time I am out on the road and run into a person who was sprucely dressed in business attires and thought they were cool. Of course, I was particularly driven to excel in my professional employment.

Things are not totally the same, or rather are absolutely the opposite just two years later. I started to realise that in reality, corporate and business life is not as cool as what I imagined assume it. Don't be misguided. It really isn't that I failed to manage to enter major conglomerates and in fact, I secure myself right into one of the world's most respected firms. But guess what, the two years that I spent working there was filled with agony and it was difficult for me to force myself to cling even until six pm and that was when I proclaimed myself that it was most likely advisable to go forward.

Lots of people I talked to accuse me of acting impulsive but I could well make certain to you that it is not the case and before calling it quit, I carried out my research and went around findind out from my classmates who graduated from the same year as me. Amazingly, I find out most of them confronting the same 'prisoner' distress as I did. I can surely tell you that financial is certainly not the factor here. As a lot of us were employed in greatly profitable companies, we were well paid financially.

My job could not be more stable. You could very well label me child like but it really was the office infighting that pressed me to the brink. I made an effort but I cannot be who I am not to be. I hate it when I need to defend for the purpose of disagreeing instead of to make improvements. I could not imagine myself actually doing this kind of thing for the remainder of my 20 or thirty years. Life is brief and too precious. Following weeks of cunctation, I built the decision to stop delaying and never to look back ever again.

In the two years that I had been stuck in 'corporate prison', I had accrued decent amount of financial savings that helped me to pursue my other love in life and by coincidence, it is the culinary field. Want to guess how my life is now? (hint: I devote most of my time in the pantry) I might need to be working longer hours with lesser compensation but I do not need to turn to my wristwatch everyday just to wait for the time to strike past 6.

I am publishing this weblog out of hobby and I just would like to find out how brilliant I am into this entire blogging thing. They are just my way of sharing what I understand and run through day-by-day. I'd be over the moon if you inform me that you really like my blog. However even if not, worry not and thanks for dropping by.